Testimonials - Rapid Crossfit

Rapid CrossFit is not just about lifting heavy weights or doing crazy amounts of cardio. It incorporates all different types of movements, from kettlebells to deadlifts, to pull ups and a huge variety of other amazing exercises. The best of it is you never know what exercises the coaches are putting into our daily WOD’s.

What makes Rapid CrossFit so special is not only the facilities, but the people. Rob and the Team are amazing – their attentiveness, ability to motivate and depth of knowledge in terms of movement, exercise, physiology are exceptional.

Honestly just give Rapid CrossFit a go and you’ll never look back, you too will become addicted!

Jane R

I started going to Rapid CrossFit when my work commitments increased which resulted in less free time. I have found that the benefit gained through Rapid CrossFit sessions has been far greater than previous Gym memberships, the ratio of attendees to instructor means that all participants receive individual attention and the extra push that you often don’t get at a gym.

The sessions are fun and truly inspiring, my husband and daughter have since joined and are also able to participate at their own levels.

Rapid CrossFit allows you to achieve the results that you are looking for at your own pace while being inspired by others.


I am a 42 year old mother of four children aged between 5 and 14. While I have always exercised in some form or other (gym, running, walking), nothing has quite brought me to the place Rapid CrossFit has managed to achieve in the last 6 months……….this summer, for the first time in 15 years, I wore a bikini.

And it wasn’t just because I am looking better than I have done in years (which is probably helped by the fact I’ve stopped having children!) but also because I am feeling stronger and more confident in my body and what it can do, both mentally and physically. Rapid CrossFit is for anyone and everyone. It’s feels more like a team sport than a work out …..it’s fun, it’s motivational, it pushes you to your limits and most importantly, it gets results.


Rapid CrossFit is the best exercise I have ever done…..it has challenged my physical strength, my mental capabilities and pushed me to achieve more than I thought I would have if I was at the gym.

This program that Rapid CrossFit is running is like having your very own personal trainer. They coach you on the correct technique and encourage you to push yourself through the session to achieve you goals.

Its great doing it with a group….. After doing a session of Rapid CrossFit I feel exhilarated. I feel stronger and fitter than I have in years.


I’ve been doing CrossFit with Rapid since it began and I love it. While every session is a challenge, the format works brilliantly. I enjoy thesocial side of working out in a small team, but you still get lots of one-on-one attention and motivation. I’ve definitely increased my strength and fitness and am really pleased with my progress.