Our Story - Rapid Crossfit

“This is the answer”

That’s what I thought when I came across CrossFit.  Always looking for new ideas, I stumbled on it when I was looking for ways to accelerate my fitness for football without compromising my strength.  Little did I know it would extend far beyond my football practice!

CrossFit was exactly what I had been looking for.  At the time, I was a personal trainer (and had been in the fitness industry for 10 years). I was passionate about what I did, but frustrated with the conventional gym environment.  I was tired of seeing people (who weren’t my clients) come into the gym day after day, doing the same thing but not getting results.  They would work harder at the same thing but nothing would change.  I knew there had to be a better way- a system that would allow the accountability component of personal training combined with the energy of a group class.  When I found CrossFit, I was intrigued.

I decided to keep an eye on CrossFit- and over 18 months I noticed the shift it was making in the fitness industry in the USA – and beginning to make here in New Zealand.  The more I thought about it, the more I couldn’t ignore it.  This was the avenue where people could have fun, get results and build community.  I couldn’t get it off my mind, and decided to take the leap.

With that decision, I became the fourth CrossFit affiliate in Auckland.  In the beginning our classes were mainly outdoors, as this grew in popularity, I opened Rapid CrossFit in Sandringham in 2010. 

We had great feedback from the beginning- people loved the community aspect and the fact that they were continually improving and challenged.  At Rapid CrossFit, the entire group is pushing to reach goals together, and the old adage “together everyone achieves more” is definitely true.  I’ve seen clients reach goals they never thought possible, and the relationships between them are far stronger than any other fitness club I’ve seen.  We work hard together and celebrate together – no matter how small the gain.

Nick has been a huge part of the Rapid CrossFit community since 2012. Starting as a member, to coach, he has worked along side me sharing the same belief and love for CrossFit, which lead him to come on board as partner in 2016.

Our hallmark is engineering your fitness in a non- intimidating, friendly environment where you are led through world class Coaching. We want to help you become strong and independent through; fun, expertise, trust and community.

I get out of bed every morning excited about my day, because I get to work with people who are committed to making a change without fear of stepping out of their comfort zone. Every WOD is different, so they come eager for a new challenge, and leave knowing they’ve achieved something significant and invested in themselves.  This attitude spreads into every area of life, translating into many successes- so as you can imagine, it’s a privilege to work with Rapid CrossFitters.

We are excited to help you reach your highest potential.  Give us a call to book a free introductory session.


Rob Geraets