Our Classes - Rapid Crossfit

Rapid Intro

Rapid Intro is a 2 week program where you will learn the foundational movements of CrossFit.
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Rapid WOD

WOD (or workout of the day) is constantly varied, functional movements executed with intensity.
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Rapid Barbell

Rapids Barbell workouts are specifically designed and solely focused on Olympic Lifting.

This class allows members to focus on their technique, as well as giving individual goals to become more efficient lifters.

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Rapid 30

Creating fitness results you want, in affordable time.
Rapid 30 is an effective, efficient, high intensity programme that delivers fast results.

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Rapid Youth

Our Rapid Youth program is a safe, fun and energetic fitness class that uses a combination of skills practice, workouts and fitness games to build strength and conditioning in kids.
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Our Yoga session is the perfect compliment to your training.
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Accelerate your training!

What’s your goal? Get there faster with Accelerate!
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