It was looking a little dark this morning, I wasn’t sure if the rain was going to stream down on us. Luckily it kept away allowing for a cooler training session which was welcomed.


Dynamic warm-up


400m run
25 Bench dips
20 Pushups
15 Jumping Pullups
4 rounds

Fou – 10.05
Jane – 10.49
Amanda – 10.04
Rachel – 10.03
Jo – 12.54
Deb – 11.34

Finished with Tabata Alternating Planks

Ladder of 3

Now that daylight savings is nearly upon us, this opens the window for greater opportunities to fit in some form of exercise somewhere in the day. I am definetly looking forward to taking these evening sessions out to the park, again this creates such a different feeling of exercising in the great outdoors.

With a deck of cards for these warmup exercises there was nothing less than the value of 6 & all face cards had the value of 10reps with the jokers offering a special 21reps.
Diamonds – Mountain Jumpers
Hearts – Squats
Clubs – Situps
Spades – Alt. Lunge

V Twist
Starting with 1,2&3, then 2,4 & 6 and ending with 10,20,30

Emma – 15.30
Desiree – 16.58
Deb – 19.33


There’s something to be said about Monday workouts, after 2 days of playing and relaxing. They start of a little hard to get into and then it just flows and the beginning of the week is always easier handle after an envigorating workout.

Team effort.
Frwd travel lunge partner 4pt plank
Backward travel lunge partner 2pt plank
Side travel lunge partner Plank up

10 Situps
5 Bench dips
5 Burpees
10 Squats
As many rounds as possible in 20 min.

Emma – 17
Cali – 17
Fou – 19
Deb – 15


I am slowly crawling my way out of this hole & I am positive if it wasn’t for these types of workouts I would be struggling a little harder. A good deal of adaptation and variety increases your preparation for pain and suffering.
Great Saturday morning again, this is one of the many Why’s, we live in N.Z.
This set us for a fantastic workout.

Dynamic Work; 25m
Alternating side shuttle
Bear walk
Crab walk
Travel lunge with rotation
Lateral Bear walk
Lateral Crab walk

Step ups or Jump ups (30cm)(s.u, j.u)
Pushups (full body f.b, kn)
Max reps in 2min and 1min

Cali – 70/42s.u, 44/45kn, 74/42, 54/33
Jane – 63/34s.u, 31/31kn, 75/44, 31/31
Anna – 75/46s.u, 57/43kn, , 49/39
Fou – 76/52s.u, 42/39f.b, 78/45, 54/
Kirsten – 76/42s.u, 40/37kn, 62/43, 35
Desiree – 76/43s.u, 50/32kn, 70/45, 40/24
Julz – 52/37j.u, 52/45kn, 93/53, 54/34


I have to play a little catchup here as I’ve been completely caught out and laid down with a virus following from my 4 year old. This is unfortunately what life can deal us. Expect the unexpected. So this was dealt for tonites tenacious workout.

Varying Shuttle Runs

Tabata Squats


25m Squat Jumps
Run back
20 Wall Jumps (115cm in hgt)


Tabata Plank Holds

Burpees and Frog jumps

What a fantastic morning, and a tough workout. Everyone was well prepared for today, I think everyone is getting used to the variation and constant challenge of the workouts. The ever changing workout provides such a stimulus mentally and physically your body can’t help but want to change.

Shuttle Run x 3

Burpee frog jumps x 20ft
50 Jumping Jacks
Burpee frog jump x 20ft
40 Squat jumps
Burpee frog jumps x 20ft
30 Squats
Burpee frog jumps x 20ft
20 Situps

Fou – 6.17
Emma – 6.49
Jane – 7.28
Cali – 6.57
Deborah – 8.06
Amanda – 6.19
Erica – 8.28

Finishing touch

Speed Situps
Equal rest to work ratio.

Fluttering Sun

Once again the sun come down upon us on a great Saturday morning, allowing for more people to enjoy the effects of kick starting their weekend with a good effort workout, posting nice times.

400m Run
40 Flutterkicks (2 count)
20 Jumping Lunges
10 Pushups
4 rounds for time:
Emma – 10.47
Deborah – 11.10
Fou – 10.42
Cali – 12.24 (50 bench step ups instead of run)
Jane – 11.18
Lucy – 10.51
Anna – 10.49

In Leaps and Bounds

A strong and bold workout by all, it was great to see the amount of effort put in last night as this was no light weight session. Regardless of pace, everyone completed their workout and maintained technique which is what counts when your aiming for that next level.

Shuttle run,
30s & 60s of Forward bounding, Side bounding & Diagonal bounding

Part 1
O/h Squat x 60s
X-mountain climber x 15 each side
Side plank x 20s hold each side
3 rounds

Part 2
O/h alternating lunge x 20 each leg
Push ups x 10
Bench step up x 60s
Russian Lunge x 30s each leg
3 rounds

Cover Your Bases

It was great to finally have a sunny weekend, we moved across to Potters Park to welcome this fantastic weather. As this continues we will keep up the outdoor training as there is no other feeling than having a solid workout in the good old outdoors.
We had some new recruits join us today which was brilliant to see the eagerness at 830am on a Saturday.
Todays workout comprised of a softball diamond setup as we broke down and developed the movement for burpees.

Cover your bases.
Bear walk to 1st base
12 x Mountain Jumpers
Sprint to 2nd base
12 x Pushups
Bear walk to 3rd base
12 x Squat jumps
Sprint to home base
12 x Burpees

3 rounds for time

We have finally arrived!

Tonight was our first group training session for the next four weeks, not a huge turn out considering the amount of enquiries but a solid workout was had by all. I think once people start experiencing and hearing about this they will be wondering where we have been and what they have been missing out on with there training. Back again tomorrow morning at 830am at Eden Activity Centre in Dominion Rd. The next 4 week block will begin in the week of the 15th Sept.