26/11/08 – 007

Day 26 for 26 BURPEES!
I went to see the 007 movie, talk about your typical action packed, suave 007. (I know this is only a movie) however the degree of fitness someone requires to pull of some of the scenes shows all the dynamics of the different types of fitness involved power, speed, strength, agility, cardiovascular stamina etc is necessity to our lives. In all of our daily lives we recruit all these aspects of fitness which make us well rounded and better equipped to handle the challenges that enter day to day routines.

10 Jumping Jacks
1 Burpee
10 x

800m Run
50 Arch Rocks
50 Situps
3 Rounds

Emma – 13.06
Fou – 13.35
Jane – 10.43
Amanda – 13.49
Sarah – 14.28

24/11/08 – Burpees Technique

Day 24 for 24 BURPEES.
As a reminder for your burpees technique.
1. Stand tall
2. Crouch down placing hands on the ground & jumping the feet out into a strong plank or pushup position.
3. Jump the feet back up towards your hands landing on your heels, not your toes. Sometime taking a wider stance can make this easier.
4. Jumping straight up with the hips well open and arms extended.
5. Shout out, I love BURPEES (optional)

Jumping Lunges
Good mornings

4 Burpees
8 Windmills
12 Bench jumps
16 Situps
8 rounds

Emma – 16.40
Sarah – 17.00

22/11/08 – Maxing

Day 22 for 22 BURPEES.
When you finish your workout after pushing it to the edge do you need to lie down, feeling bewildered and moaning as you recover. What are the things you’ve experienced as you recover from pushing yourself to the edge. Post you comments .

Circle of lunges
15 bench dips
15 jumping pullups
3 x

35 Squats
35 Pushups
35 Situps
35 Birdpickers (each leg)
35 Spiderman lunges

Jane – 11.11
Emma – 10.30
Amanda – 11.58
Anna – 11.04
Rachel – 12.30

19/11/08 – Rapid Influence

Day19 for 19 BURPEES!

RapidFitness was set out to increase everyday physical activity in your life. Have you started to notice what you have learnt has started to come into your daily activity. For myself I almost never pick anything up without needing to squat or anything heavy (ie; kids) that i am doing a deadlift movement. Has your training improved the way you use your body. Let me know by posting your comments.

Exa-tube Sprints 50m
Exa-tube Chest press x 20
Exa-tube Row x 20
3 x

Turkish Getups

10 Shoulder Press from knees
12 Sumo Deadlift w High Pull
15 V-twists
5 rounds

Amanda – 7.23
Emma – 7.26
Jane – 7.29
Sarah – 7.20


Day 17 for 17 BURPEES!
Scalability of the workouts is important, knowing how to work at your level of intensity that it maintains a challenge but not pushing you over the edge. This can still apply to you if your not feeling your 100% self.

O/H squat
Flutterkicks (each leg)
15 Reps x 3

Plank ups
Sit ups
Mountain Jumpers
Max reps in 2min with 10sec rest between exercises, then 1min max reps.

Emma – 97/56, 50/34, 40/24, 50/26, 50/26
Deb – 75/30, 40/18, 15/12, 48/24, 48/24
Kirsten – 90/48, 50/26, 35/18, 40/24, 40/24
Fou – 94/57, 63/36, 49/37, 45/26, 45/26
Sarah – 83/43, 50/33, 32/17, 43/25, 43/25


Day 15 for 15 BURPEES.

Speed Drills

500m Run
10 exa-tube Alt Shoulder Press with a squat hold
40 Jumping pullups
500m Run
20 exa-tube Alt Shoulder Press with a squat hold
30 Jumping pullups
500m Run
30 exa-tube Alt Shoulder Press with a squat hold
20 Jumping pullups
500m Run
40 exa-tube Alt Shoulder Press with a squat hold
10 Jumping pullups

Anna – 9.31
Jane – 9.06
Kirsten – 9.14
Amanda – 8.57
Emma – 9.16 (pushups instead of pullups)
Rachel – 8.23

13-11-08 – Bench Jumps

Do you have concerns when you are to do bench jumps that you’re not going to make it! That your toe may catch the edge or you just make it by a fraction or do you find that you float up landing well balanced on your feet. If it is the first, then it is important to practice utilising a height that you feel comfortable with and focus on landing as quietly as possible with weight more into the heels. You would of done this numerous times as a kid all it takes is a little confidence and practice, practice, practice.

4 L & R Turkish Get ups
4 L & R Windmills

5 Burpees with pushup
10 Bench jumps
15 exa-tube Thrusters
10 rounds

Emma – 15.43 (bench jumps were step up with jump down)

10/11/08 – squat, squat & more squats

Day 10 for 10 BURPEES!

The squat is an excellent exercise for developing good strength right throughtout the body even though it is primarily targeting the leg muscles the chemical spill over effect is huge. This exercise sets the foundations for all other leg movements and its functional capacity is greatly important to our everyday lives. Making movements like getting up from the ground, getting off a chair seem simple.

Dynamic Warmup.

35 squats
35 rev curls
35 squats
35 situps
35 lunges
35 squats
2 rounds for time;


Day 8 for 8 BURPEES.

I was fortunate enough to have my lovely wife join the team today for their workout as she put the pace on as well as being pushed to also keep up (which was great to see how much the rest of the team have increased in their fitness). As she is in the process of picking up her old vocation as another awesome personal trainer.

Shuttle Run with a backward run x 3
Shuttle Run with a Pushup x 3

Cone #1 – Pushups x 10
35m Sprint
Cone #2 – Squat Jumps x 20
35m Sprint
Cone #3 – Decline Flutterkicks x 20each
35m Sprint
AMRAP in 20 minutes

Deb – 9
Desiree – 8 + Pushups & Squat Jumps
Lou – 8 + Pushups & Squat Jumps
Kirsten – 8 + Pushups & Squat Jumps
Angela – 7


Day 6 for 6 BURPEES!
This evening the query came up as to how long it took before you start to lose fitness. This can start to happen at 7 days of no activity with muscle starting to atrophy between 7-10days. You may even notice that after 2 consecutive days of no activity you may start to feel sluggish. It shows that it becomes important to stay as fit & strong as possible always challenging yourself to the next level, so if there comes a time when your unable to train (ie; operation) you are in the best possible shape to recover quicker and it won’t take as long to get back to where you were.

6 burpees
12 walking lunges
18 air squats

Flag pushups
Jumping pull ups
Sit ups

Deb – 10.57
Emma – 11.05
Amanda – 11.27
Desiree – 12.05