Burpees and Frog jumps - Rapid Crossfit

What a fantastic morning, and a tough workout. Everyone was well prepared for today, I think everyone is getting used to the variation and constant challenge of the workouts. The ever changing workout provides such a stimulus mentally and physically your body can’t help but want to change.

Shuttle Run x 3

Burpee frog jumps x 20ft
50 Jumping Jacks
Burpee frog jump x 20ft
40 Squat jumps
Burpee frog jumps x 20ft
30 Squats
Burpee frog jumps x 20ft
20 Situps

Fou – 6.17
Emma – 6.49
Jane – 7.28
Cali – 6.57
Deborah – 8.06
Amanda – 6.19
Erica – 8.28

Finishing touch

Speed Situps
Equal rest to work ratio.