20-9-08 - Rapid Crossfit

I am slowly crawling my way out of this hole & I am positive if it wasn’t for these types of workouts I would be struggling a little harder. A good deal of adaptation and variety increases your preparation for pain and suffering.
Great Saturday morning again, this is one of the many Why’s, we live in N.Z.
This set us for a fantastic workout.

Dynamic Work; 25m
Alternating side shuttle
Bear walk
Crab walk
Travel lunge with rotation
Lateral Bear walk
Lateral Crab walk

Step ups or Jump ups (30cm)(s.u, j.u)
Pushups (full body f.b, kn)
Max reps in 2min and 1min

Cali – 70/42s.u, 44/45kn, 74/42, 54/33
Jane – 63/34s.u, 31/31kn, 75/44, 31/31
Anna – 75/46s.u, 57/43kn, , 49/39
Fou – 76/52s.u, 42/39f.b, 78/45, 54/
Kirsten – 76/42s.u, 40/37kn, 62/43, 35
Desiree – 76/43s.u, 50/32kn, 70/45, 40/24
Julz – 52/37j.u, 52/45kn, 93/53, 54/34