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10/11/08 – squat, squat & more squats

Day 10 for 10 BURPEES!

The squat is an excellent exercise for developing good strength right throughtout the body even though it is primarily targeting the leg muscles the chemical spill over effect is huge. This exercise sets the foundations for all other leg movements and its functional capacity is greatly important to our everyday lives. Making movements like getting up from the ground, getting off a chair seem simple.

Dynamic Warmup.

35 squats
35 rev curls
35 squats
35 situps
35 lunges
35 squats
2 rounds for time;


Day 8 for 8 BURPEES.

I was fortunate enough to have my lovely wife join the team today for their workout as she put the pace on as well as being pushed to also keep up (which was great to see how much the rest of the team have increased in their fitness). As she is in the process of picking up her old vocation as another awesome personal trainer.

Shuttle Run with a backward run x 3
Shuttle Run with a Pushup x 3

Cone #1 – Pushups x 10
35m Sprint
Cone #2 – Squat Jumps x 20
35m Sprint
Cone #3 – Decline Flutterkicks x 20each
35m Sprint
AMRAP in 20 minutes

Deb – 9
Desiree – 8 + Pushups & Squat Jumps
Lou – 8 + Pushups & Squat Jumps
Kirsten – 8 + Pushups & Squat Jumps
Angela – 7


Day 6 for 6 BURPEES!
This evening the query came up as to how long it took before you start to lose fitness. This can start to happen at 7 days of no activity with muscle starting to atrophy between 7-10days. You may even notice that after 2 consecutive days of no activity you may start to feel sluggish. It shows that it becomes important to stay as fit & strong as possible always challenging yourself to the next level, so if there comes a time when your unable to train (ie; operation) you are in the best possible shape to recover quicker and it won’t take as long to get back to where you were.

6 burpees
12 walking lunges
18 air squats

Flag pushups
Jumping pull ups
Sit ups

Deb – 10.57
Emma – 11.05
Amanda – 11.27
Desiree – 12.05


Day 3 for 3 BURPEES!

10 Plankups
10 Bench Dips
15 Squats

24 Jumping lunges
24 o/h Squats
24 Birdpickers
400m Run
3 rounds

Kirsten – 10.16
Cali – 10.54
Liz – 10.29
Fou – 10.19
Emma – 8.22
Sarah – 10.16

1/11/08 – Burpee Challenge begins

The 1st of November is upon us and our 100 burpees over 100 days begins. Again how this works is Day 1; 1 burpee, Day 2; 2 burpees. If you miss a day then you need to make up the previous days burpees with the current days burpees. You cannot put any into credit.

Crab walk/ Lateral lunge
Bear Crawl
Spiderman Lunge

Rapid’s Filthy Fifty
50 Squats
50m Sprint
50 pushups
50m Sprint
50each Bicycles (2 count)
50m Sprint
50 Walking lunges
50m Sprint
50 Situps
50m Sprint

Emma – 7.44
Jane – 7.27
Deb – 8.02
Cali – 8.03
Amanda – 7.58
Kirsten – 6.54 (partial situp)
Anna – 7.28
Rewa – 8.23
Jules – 8.23
Andrew – 8.32
Fou – 7.40

30/10/08 – Happy birthday…

Happy Birthday Mila! and thanks Louella for another beautiful girl and all your effort as a mum. Today is my daughters 1st birthday, I can’t believe how fast the year has gone. It’s amazing to see how a child grows and develops their skills to become who they are, which is what we need to continue doing as adults through continued varying stimulus in our training as this keeps our neurological pathways prepared for a better mind body connection.

3 x
4 Turkish Get Ups
5 Burpees

4 rounds
400m Run
50 Squats
Rnd 1 – Air squats
Rnd 2 – Back squats
Rnd 3 – O/H squats
Rnd 4 – Air squats

Emma – 10.38
Deb – 10.57
Jane – 10.52

27/10/08 – Labour Day

After a couple of turbulent days it was great to have such a beautiful day.

Dynamic warmup and a Tug-o-war.

* Pick Cardio of 400m Run or 35 Step ups

*Pick Cardio
30 Sumo Deadlift with High Pull
60 Sit ups

*Pick Cradio
30 Jumping Pullups
60 Pushups

*Pick Cradio
30 Thrusters
60 Lateral Barrier jumps

Kirsten – 10.30
Jane – 10.11 (full situps)
Anna – 10.43 (full situps)
Amanda – 10.24 (full situps)
Vic – 10.38
Sarah – 10.44

25/10/08 – Team relay

Team work plays an important role in every day life with work, family, sport, personal goals. Whatever your aim we achieve more and a greater result when the team is working together, if your goal is fatloss and you have a nutritionist & p.t at your disposal you are all working to achieve success, or you may utilise instructors & membership co-ordinators to assist at your gym. If you don’t attend a gym it could be your coach & people in a group training environment that keep you on track. Remember everyone around you in your circle is in the team.

Freeze Tag – In a perimeter, you have 1 person that is “it” & has to tag the others if your tagged you must complete 15 squats or 15 pushups. If your tagged 3 times your out. Person that is “it” rotates.

Travelling Burpee
Cricket walk
Bear walk
Frog jump

Team A – 22.51

Team B – 22.03


Tonights workout involved Tabatas, which is 20s work, 10s rest for 8 intervals. We aim for a highest total score over the 5 exercises by taking the lowest repetition of the 8 intervals. By only counting the lowest rep pushes your incentive to not drop your rep range and maintain intensity, which has a great ability to increase your anaerobic threshold.

Dynamic warmup

Tabatas with 1min break btwn each exercise
Alt. Lunge
Bench dips

Deb = 63
Jane = 63
Emma = 68
Amanda = 67


The challenge has been put forward to all those that except this. As of the 1st of November throught to 8th February aim to complete 100 burpees over 100 days. Now this should take care of your workouts over that Xmas period!
How this works, Day 1 – 1 Burpee, Day 2 – 2 Burpees and so on till you reach the
100th day. If you miss a day then you must make that up, ie; you miss day 30 on day 31 you must do 30 burpees + 31 burpees. You cannot put any burpees into credit and if you do burpees in the workout they can go towards your total.

Deck of Cards
Hearts – squats
Spade – flutterkicks
Diamonds – supermans
Clubs – pushups

3 x Burpees
6 x Jumping Lunges
9 x Situps
AMRAP in 3 min, 1min rest follows each 3min round
5 X

Emma – 20
Amanda – 16
Jane – 20